Attain Your CMMC Compliance with the help of an MSSP

Post to the official release of CMMC (Cyber Security Maturity Model) framework 1.0 by DoD in Jan 2020, their inducted Contractors engaged themselves in figuring out successive methodologies for attaining compliance levels and certifications as appropriate. CMMC Security Framework is designed to improve the cyber security aspects concerning CUI (Controlled Unclassified Information) within the Supply Chains. It ensures cyber security hygiene levels of the industry partners as well warrants security compliance and safe networks.

Defense Contractors are strictly expected to pursue certifications at certain level of CMMC for continual association of business with the DoD. Such a requisite enabled the Contractors to set their SSP (System Security Plan), and POA&M (Plan of Action and Milestones) for determining the gaps between their current compliance measures to the desired CMMC level. The companies may need to configure their existing system to the desired level or build a new system to comply with NIST SP 800–171. CMMC Framework have total 171 practices included on 5 maturity levels.

The efforts of becoming CMMC compliant requires time and resources and Companies may require adding new technical, functional resources to meet their timelines and milestones or to outsource the task to another company.

An MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) like IncubeHub can offer Technology implementation or continual management of CMMC compliance. This arrangement saves the time and money for the DoD contractors effectively. IncubeHub provides services on achieving all 171 practices required for CMMC Certifications.

Below are the key services offerings vital for CMMC

In order to bid on DoD contracts, the contractors are expected to start CMMC requirements as part of Requests for Information by June 2020 and the IncubeHub MSSP team can help you overcome the compliance challenges in an accelerated and cost-effective manner. Contact to get in touch with a versed in Cyber Security Team for your CMMC requirements.